Main Theme – HR 5.0

HR 5.0

The Fourth & Fifth Industrial Revolution is blurring the lines between people and technology. The impact of these changes on the way people work is very significant. HR 5.0, is a framework which is slowly budding for shaping people's strategies in the Fourth & Fifth Industrial Revolution stage. This is an initial response to the changing role of organizations in the context of this challenge. It explores why the Fourth & Fifth Industrial Revolution creates the impetus for transformation in people strategies and HR practices, outlines what business leaders including Chief People Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, CEOs, and other C-suite leaders can do to respond and describes how organizations are already responding to the need for change, with examples of emerging roles, technologies and critical skills for the future of HR. Future HR is in the hands of students who are graduating now and this is an apt Theme for this year’s edition of Student National Conference STUNA 2020, equipping them with the latest changes.

Sub Theme – 1 : HR landscape in new normal era – Transformations required in HR

HR landscape in new normal era – Transformations required in HR

The pandemic has disrupted the global business, and HR has been at the heart of it. Organizations now on the cusp of recovery, the role of HR is becoming even more important. This pandemic and its inherent effect on businesses have highlighted the need for adaptability and resilience in today’s workforce, accelerated the shift towards a new, digital economy, and accentuated the importance of HR in the new normal. Re-establishing organizational culture by shifting towards a people-centric workplace will become a top priority for HR departments as organizations look to adopt more flexible working arrangements. There will likely be a major shift towards hybrid working models that capitalize on the benefits of both remote and office working.

Sub Theme – 2 : Workplace 2021 – Technology in HR

Workplace 2021 – Technology in HR

With millennial and Gen-Z comprising the biggest cohort in the workforce, employers across the world are looking at tech-powered ways to recruit, manage, and engage their employees. Artificial intelligence is going to impacting HR practices, usage of AI to understand and automate repeated tasks, use of AI in areas of employee engagement, training & development, performance management and recruitment functions. Cloud-based HR, will allow HR to access employee data in real-time and make decisions accordingly, and the cloud-based self-service tools also give employees much better control over their data. This, in turn, makes it a lot easier for companies to evaluate productivity and engagement.

Sub Theme – 3 : New age HR professional – Reshaping for new dynamics

New age HR professional – Reshaping for new dynamics

In recent years, HR has undergone dynamic shifts in its roles, functions, and overall impact in shaping organizations. The need for a digital transformation from operating in a traditional cocoon is no longer an option. HR today cannot just focus on day-to-day activities, but has to assist businesses in paving the way for strategic growth across decisions relating to recruitment, compensation, talent management, performance management, training, employee experience, and more. They also need to constantly develop themselves and use their knowledge to keep their organizations in the game. They are required to offer their inputs on high-level business guidance and leadership on defining the very future of work. Helping organizations make a move from traditional, rigid systems to new agile organizational structures, HR can help steer this muchneeded engine of change. HR will also be able to put culture and diversity at the center. It is the HR function that can bridge the gap between the digital and the human and suggest strategies to help achieve a balance for the future of work.

Sub Theme - 4 : DNA of next Gen HR professionals – HR in tandem with business

DNA of next Gen HR professionals

HR professionals are going to be the new sorcerers, with magic wands and tricky spells, bringing the right strategy and talent successions. The ultimate thirst for excellence has brought us to where we stand now, and today, we are way more advanced than we were in the past. With a continuous and long sustainable evolution, we transformed from being "primitive" to being "prime." The future is expected to be a handshake of human intelligence with artificial intelligence. The need of the situation is to adapt to technology and reframe business strategies. HR leaders must equally focus on 'design thinking' and 'innovation' to drive the organization towards expected outcomes. Shifting to 'talent' from 'people' is going to be the next-level game for HR in the future. HR leaders should focus on process re-engineering of the overall 'Talent Management Strategy'. HR leaders are going to strategize the future, HR professionals will have to play the role of change agents in the coming years, and their understanding of the right models and tools will be effective game-changers.

Sub Theme – 5 : Managing Multi Generation Professionals – Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z Simultaneously

Managing Multi Generation Professionals

Generational differences represent one among many factors that make diversity within the workplace, which may be a good value. Baby Boomers are Loyal and self- motivated, Gen X are agile and leaders, Gen Y are idealistic and Tech- Savvy, Gen Z are multitasker and Independent. Learning the way to effectively lead and motivate distinct and Multigeneration professionals is a challenge which future HR Managers will get. Learning and development programs like mentoring and job shadowing are crucial to leveraging the talents and knowledge of workers across generations. By fostering a culture that celebrates collaboration, keeping the lines of communication open, and tailoring our approach to every professionals, will help the Organisations to go towards the path of Success.

Sub Theme – 6 : Managing HR Transformations through Agile HR Framework

Managing HR Transformations through Agile HR Framework

Agile is a new business trend emerging in the world and many organisations are adopting it for their future success. Agile has increased success rates and results delivery by increasing the production rate and customer satisfaction simultaneously and by reducing output development time. Agile is the combination of philosophy, culture and the management process. Agile HR will transform the way; we manage the people and work. Agile HR Framework is a new concept which is fast spreading in developed Countries like US and Europe, which is also slowly seeing its adoption in Asia. Agile HR is going to be a major buzzword in future and all budding HR professionals should get equipped with this right now.

Sub Theme – 7 : Building Vital Competencies for Future Work

Building Vital Competencies for Future Work

HR department is in the process of taking a shift. The roles and responsibilities of HR start from recruiting, hiring talents, retaining the potential candidates and ends on compensation and benefits in tradition method. But it is not enough for the changing demand and need. The HR should also act as a trusted advisor of the business. The future HR leaders have to find themselves where they are? And what they want to do in future? They have to orchestrate and close the gap before entering into the market. HR practices and talent is a part of difference between success and failure. To attain success, one should develop the vital competencies required for the future HR leader.

Sub Theme – 8 : IR 5.0

IR 5.0

When so many things are changing around the workplace and with the White Collared employees, there is a significant change happening among the Blue Collared workers also. They are becoming more knowledgeable and more skilled, which will lead to a change in the way we are currently managing them. They are also contributing to the profitability of the business by way of carrying out projects through Quality Circles, Kaizen schemes, Lean, Six Sigma, TPM and TQM activities etc., They are becoming knowledgeable workers, hence traditional IR practices should also change to IR 5.0


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